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Financial Aid

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Attention All 2013-14 Financial Aid Applicants! The Financial Aid Services Office communicates with all students via the college assigned email address and MyCommnet Self Service tool only. To check your application/award status you must log in to your MyCommnet immediately, if you have not already done so. New students, please follow the instructions provided by the Admissions Office.

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Financial aid is funding intended to help students pay their education expenses. While you are expected to pay for higher education costs, sometimes those costs are greater than your current ability to pay. That's where we may be able to help.

Most assistance programs are administered on the basis of need, which is defined as the difference between the cost of attending a particular college and the family's ability to pay that cost. Such cost includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, transportation, personal expenses and living expenses.

In an effort to help students meet particular educational goals, the Financial Aid Office incorporates various types of financial aid into a "Financial Aid Package" for each student. Depending on the student's "need" financial aid grants will be awarded to cover the costs of tuition, fees and books. In some cases, students may receive a Financial Aid Refund to defray a portion of the additional educational expenses, such as transportation. 

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Policy of Determination and Treatment of Student Financial Aid Awards

If qualified, Middlesex students can receive financial assistance for direct educational costs such as tuition, fees, books and supplies. Student status is measured as follows:

  • 3-5 credits: less than half time
  • 6-8 credits: 1/2-time
  • 9-11 credits: 3/4-time
  • 12 credits and above: full-time

Financial aid awards shall be pro-rated based on the student's enrollment status as recorded by the Registrar's Office following the add-drop period. A studentís financial aid award notification will always reflect a full time award. However, If a student is registered ĺ- time, the award will be prorated to reflect 75% of the original award. If a student is registered Ĺ -time, the award will be prorated to reflect 50% of the original award. Students registered less than half time should always contact the Office of Financial Aid Services to see if they are eligible to receive aid. Not all students registered for 3-5 credits may be eligible for aid. It is recommended that students take at least 6 credits to maximize their financial aid eligibility.

The college reserves the right to adjust its award, in compliance with federal regulations and institutional policy, if outside aid is received after it is estimated that a studentís need has been met. You are required to notify the aid office if you receive any assistance not awarded by the Financial Aid office. Tuition Benefits received from an employer, private scholarships, Connecticut Veteran's Tuition waiver, National Guard Tuition Waiver and Post 9/11 GI Bill Payment of Tuition and Fees (Chapter 33) are considered outside aid.

If an overpayment has been made, the aid dollars shall be returned to the appropriate accounts in the order indicated below until the overaward is eliminated:

  • Loan funds may be reduced or cancelled or eligibility for subsidized loans may change to unsubsidized loan eligibility.
  • Federal Work Study Awards may be reduced or cancelled.
  • Scholarship aid may be reduced or cancelled.


Financial Aid-Summer Session

  • The student must complete a Middlesex Community College application for summer assistance and have received financial assistance for the current academic year (September thru May).
  • The student must have unmet need, as determined by federal needs-analysis (FAFSA).
  • Limited funds are available, but every effort will be taken to cover the cost of tuition and books.
  • Student Pell Grant eligibility will be determined first.
  • Satisfactory academic progress requirements are identical to semester requirements.